Ndenda Mutsaku

Ndenda is passionate about dancing, education,sports and learning about new cultures and languages. She is involved in giving swimming lesson to kids, and give dance lesson in her highs school. She went to UWC Atlantic College where she learn a lot about different cultures and countries. Her goals for the year are to learn more about Indian culture, learn a new language, and being involved in making a change in the community that she would be in. One of my favorite quotes is: " A person that never made a mistake, never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein


My first week/ Mi primera semana

La primera semana en Senegal fue fabulosa! Fue la semana de bienvenida, estuve en Dakar con todos los Fellows y comenzamos a alistarnos para ir con nuestras familias de acogida Cosas que aprend√≠ en mi primera semana en Senegal: -No olvides tomar tu pastilla para…

25 October, 2018

A last minute change

English When you take a gap year you know it will be full of surprises, but you never know when the first one will come. My first challenge and big surprise was sooner than I could have imagined. Because of visa issues, I had to…

05 October, 2018

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Ndenda Mutsaku