Natalie Toops

Natalie is passionate about yoga, meditation, peace, and mindfulness. She is involved in leading reiki circles and yoga classes, promoting awareness of the mind, body, and soul. Also focusing on the environment and her ecological footprint allows her to live her nonviolent and minimal lifestyle. Her goals for this year are to learn Spanish, challenge herself, and to look inward to find what her vision of life will be from this point forward. To Natalie, everyone is an inspiration since there is no limit to what we can learn from one another.


Open Your Eyes to the Teachings of Time

Recently I have been putting myself into perspective, that means I have 11 weeks left in Ecuador, 30 days at my apprenticeship, and eight more Spanish classes (taking traveling days into consideration). Therefore, I have been in Ecuador for 19 weeks, spent 45 days at my apprenticeship, and have had 12 Spanish classes (counting traveling…

11 March, 2019

The “G” Word

The “G” word, this is not some new teenager slang for an explicit word, this is a way of life. It is gratitude. Almost two years ago I discovered the power of gratitude, and I have not let go of it since. I figured since the holiday of thankfulness and giving is upon the United…

11 March, 2019

Popping Bubbles

There is this term used for the perspectives we have for our lives, this reference is commonly compared to living inside a “bubble.” Growing up in the same place for long periods of time allows us to become comfortable and develop ignorance. It is a quality that is applicable to everyone, including myself, and it…

11 March, 2019

My First Steps

As babies take their first steps, they fall, then get back up and try again. That metaphor is applicable to almost everything in life, for me, I was the baby falling and trying again my first week with my new family. Driving up the hill I new I was close to my new family, I…

11 March, 2019

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Global Citizen Year blog! Subscribe and follow along on on my adventures during my gap year abroad.

18 October, 2018

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Natalie Toops