Natalie Kirunda

Jambo! Ola! Hi there! Natalie, what isn't she passionate about? She is an interest and fascination with almost anything. Ranging from art, history, literature, linguistics, politics, culture, civil, education rights, etc. She is particularly involved with the exposure of cultures, they study of languages, and the idea of civil education, rights, and equity. My goal for this year is to do, learn, see all I can, and to adapt and grow not only as a being, but as a student. I choose to take advantage of all this program has to offer; from meeting new people, to learning a new language, and doing something to have a positive outcome. One of my favorite quotes: "Be the change you with to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi


Foods of Brasil!

Nearly seven months in Brasil and here are my favorites 🙂 I’ve the chance to discover new foods through restaurant dates with friends, and pleasant family lunches & dinners 🙂 both my parents are awesome cook (s/o to them) COXINHA ~In the form of a teardrop, and filled with shredded chicken or meat- all fried…

06 March, 2020

Ready or Not

1:30AM thoughts and vibing to daniel caesar, sufjan stevens, & sleeping at saturn, some of my favorite artists. I feel emotional because I understand that my time is wrapping up here. I am more than excited to see my family again, but I know I’m not ready to leave the country I now consider my…

06 March, 2020

Present & Future

Where am I right now? A question I often find myself asking myself. Physically I am in the amazing city of Florianopolis (Floripa), Brasil! Mentally, I'm nowhere yet everywhere. During my week at Global Launch my group and I were tasked to answer the same question. My answer: "HERE, I am here". I have spent…

06 September, 2019

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Natalie Kirunda