Natalie Glick

Natalie is passionate about women's leadership, investing in children's well beings, and journalist freedom. During high school, Natalie spent most of her time advocating for children's rights as a member of Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) . When she wasn't busy with SCAN, she could be found in the journalism office working on page layout. During past summers Natalie loved being able to be in Colorado climbing mountains. Natalie's goals for the year are to learn as much as she can about Brazil, and to make a home away from home.


Minha Familia, My family

My last night with my host family my host mom Marcella said to me: “Você sempre será nossa filha.” You will always be our daughter. I often think about this. In the span of seven months, I went from a stranger to a daughter. My…

18 May, 2019


Everyday I take the bus to and from the school I work at. I have a bus I take in the mornings which is suppose to come at 8:55, and going back home in the afternoon I take the 4:55 bus home. Over the past…

12 March, 2019

Type Two Fun

I think there is an odd expectation that when you take a gap year it’s all fun and games. You’re traveling, living away from home, you don’t have work; life seems a lot more open. Well I am here to tell you that this year…

11 February, 2019

Finding Joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy”. We have all heard the saying before. Wether seeing it on a motivational poster in a classroom, or having someone tell it to us; it’s well known. I have heard it many times before with a passing ear. For…

09 October, 2018

The Complexities of Being an American Abroad

Today is 9/11. It’s a day that is normally filled with remembrance, a day I personally don’t remember all that well, but it still holds a deep place in my heart. 9/11 was a day that changed The United States of American forever. 17 years…

12 September, 2018

Walking into Empty Space

I walked into this week not fully understanding what was happening around me. I packed up my bags and left the life that I have known for the past 18 years and came to California for something called “Global Launch.” I didn’t have any expectations,…

01 September, 2018

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Natalie Glick