Natalia Rijo De Leon

Natalia is passionate about arts, sports and the conservation of the environment. She was involved in taking care of the environment through the monitoring of Corals during her time in Hong Kong, and turning into vegetarian herself to follow this value. She has a large interest in sustainability and wish to be able to improve this in her home country in the future. Her goals for this year are to involve in the community of Ecuador through the conservation of nature and the understanding of native communities.



I decided to buy a guitar to learn it how to play it during my time here in Ecuador. It was the best decision I have made so far, and after feeling more confident at it I started writing and composing songs. The last song is called Esencia, and I composed it after realizing how…

20 March, 2019


Yesterday after being called by my host mom to drink el “Cafecito”, which will be a coffee with some bread during the afternoon, we started peeling zambo seeds together ( a salty watermelon), while I talked about the limited vegetarian Uruguayan food and she let me see that we share many ingredients but different ways…

28 September, 2018

Let’s start from the beginning.. / Empezemos por el comienzo..

(Español debajo) Hi everyone, As you may( and should) know, I am starting my gap year with Global Citizen in Ecuador very very soon. I will be having an amazing and empowering experience and that is one of the reasons for what I am writing this blog. So I will be sending you a new…

24 August, 2018

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Natalia Rijo De Leon