Natalia Plancarte

Natalia Plancarte is passionate about trying new things, culture, and human rights. Natalia is involved in Build and Global Glimpse. Her goals for this year are to be pushed out of her comfort zone, to learn more about what she's capable of outside of a classroom, and to gain more knowledge about our global community.


The Future

Rihan Shaik Rihan is nine years old, in fourth grade and his favorite subject is math. He likes to play soccer and Kabbadi. When Rihan grows up he wants to become an engineer, because he likes math. Rihan wants to create airplanes and help make machines that will help make people’s lives easier. He hopes…

10 February, 2017

Behind the Scenes

When I applied to Global Citizen Year I remember thinking “Wow this looks amazing”. Who would have guessed that I’d actually be part of the 2017 cohort. I have been in country for four months,three weeks and five days. And a total of five months and five days away from home.It’s been a crazy adventure…

01 February, 2017

A glance of my day

BEEP BEEP BEEP that’s my alarm going off at six fifteen in the morning and that’s how I know my day is about to begin. I get out my bed and splash cold water on my face to wake myself up. After this I head into the bathroom to shower. Then I change into my…

01 February, 2017

By the end of April

By the end of April I will be able to speak Hindi without feeling embarrassed about my accent. I will be another daughter and sister. By the end of April I will have another place to call my home.I will learn to appreciate my teachers who have done everything for me because I will have…

20 September, 2016

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Natalia Plancarte