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Na'ilah Harris

Na'ilah is passionate about dancing, traveling, and immersing herself in different cultures and experiences. She is involved in promoting social justice and sensitivity, and cultural unity. She co-founded the United Colors of Beacon club at her High School. The club recognizes Beacon's racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity through education, understanding and celebration. Her goals for the year are to immerse herself completely in the Brazilian experience, gain a more advanced global perspective, and to take leadership in her experiences and inspire others while she's at it.


Eu Agradeco

June 15, 2015

Brasil… Obrigada por seu tempo sua terra sua ÌÁgua sua beleza seu povo e sua cultura Obrigada por samba capoeira pagode forro axe e tambÌ©m o funk Obrigada por arroz e feijÌ£o a̤aÌ_ pastel acaraje maracuja e pinhao Obrigada por Curitiba Floripa SÌ£o Paulo Salvador e Rio Obrigada por falando comigo lidando comigo me escutando,...

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October 13, 2014

I am staying in the beautiful city of Florianopolis for my first month in Brazil. With more than 90 beaches and palm trees lining the streets, I’m sure you can imagine its grandeur. My homestay is in the bairro (neighborhood) of Lagoa Da Conceicao. Translation: Lake of Conception. It’s a beautiful, and very tropical neighborhood....

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