Munyaradzi Munyati

Munya is passionate about Media, Communications and Sports. He is involved in Initiative For Peace, a conflict management program which works with youth from conflicted regions in South East Asia, as well as Writing and Photography. He also really enjoys learning languages and outdoor activities. He is inspired by his family and his goals for the year are to become fluent in Spanish, to become an active member of the global community and to be able to take all he will learn back to his country. His favorite quote is "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."


To You, My Friends

This is to you, my friends. Friends who, Forged through trials of Fire and Rain, Formed connections strong Built upon a pyre of Countless tears and Multiple more smiles Such that the friendships formed Outshone the pain of any fire   This is to you, my friends, The ones who endured countless hours As seats…

16 May, 2016

Careless Heroes, Hidden Saviours

Being a comic nerd, I’ve always had an obsession with caped vigilantes, swooping in to save the world and prevent the evils from coming out on top. From Spiderman, to Nightwing, I’ve always imagined myself with their abilities, making a difference out there in the world. But it’s my time here in Ecuador that has…

30 March, 2016

It Only Goes Up From Here

December 2015 will very easily go down as one of the most testing months of my life thus far. I was forced to withdraw my placement at my dream university because of some unfortunate circumstances, had to reapply to new schools in 13 days, had two occasions where the law enforcement here assumed I was…

03 February, 2016

Open Letter To The One Who Feared Me

Dear fearful citizen,   I do not blame you for being afraid of the unknown. I do not blame you for the fear and concern for your loved ones, For the desire to protect at all cost from what you deem to be a threat. If anything, I’m thankful you chose flight over fight because…

03 February, 2016

Little Push, Big Changes.

It finally happened. After months of wondering and days both long and short, questioning whether it would happen, it finally has. I feel that I’ve finally found just where my piece fits into the puzzle that is the Fernandez-Rodriguez family. In reality, it was not through any process I intentionally put myself through, but, like…

15 December, 2015

Better Late Than Never?

I would like to start this blog post with an apology. I realised after speaking to a few people that in all the posts I have up on my blog so far, it seems I got so lost in trying to be poetic and deep that I forgot to say what exactly it was that…

04 November, 2015

The Pursuit Of Empathy

I have travelled thousands of miles across the world searching for what I believed would give me meaning in life. At first, the hunt led me to Hong Kong, where I was in pursuit of a higher, more globally focused education. However, finally obtaining it only opened the door further and allowed me to peer…

18 September, 2015

The Voices Not Many Hear

As I enter my second week in Quito Ecuador, I feel that I have only just scrapped off the surface of what the Quitenian life is; knowledge that I use to construct the summaries that I send home in reply to the question of “How’s it going?” Most times conversations end with me talking about…

12 September, 2015

Departure Day: The Start of a New Journey

Finally, the journey that I have been preparing myself for since that special April evening has begun. All the waiting and frantic running around to get this vaccine and that visa has ended up with me on the airport floor preparing myself for a 9+ hour flight. One would think that after packing up and…

27 August, 2015

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Munyaradzi Munyati