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Better Late Than Never… A Word To My Chilca Kiddos/ The Big One-Nine

To the dear kids from the Chilcatotora elementary school: I’m going to try to put into words the warm fuzzy feeling I get whenever I think of y’all, which is at it’s simplest a deep gratitude and fondness. I’ve never been in a classroom like yours before; twenty kids, spanning seven grades, with one teacher, most of you…

19 March, 2016

Better Late Than Never… Carnaval Highlight!

“Nooooooo!” Laughing hysterically, I run back to where I’d stashed my phone earlier to protect it from the liquids flying around. I turn back around as soon as I find it, trying to get to the tanks of water in time to take a video of Elena – the other Fellow in Tarqui – being thrown in. But…

19 March, 2016

Poco a Poco

Hello, friends. I am still in Ecuador, still alive, still doing well. Still living with the family I wrote about in my most recent blog, four months ago. Many of the component pieces of what I described in that blog are still in my life, but not in the way I expected them to be when I wrote…

11 February, 2016

Day One

6:30 am – I wake to the sound of barking dogs. Feeling the cold air on my face (the only part of me not clothed in fleece and under five blankets) I decide to remain in bed. 7:00 am – a growing need to pee, combined with a knock on my bedroom door, drive me out of bed…

01 October, 2015


Last October Taylor Swift released an album. My friend and I had both been looking forward to it for ages and wanted to listen to it, together, as soon as possible. I picked her up at 5am Monday morning, to give us enough time to listen before school started. It was still dark when we…

29 August, 2015

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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