Mimi Eshleman

Mimi tackles the world's challenges much like the story of the starfish, in which an old man tells a little boy that throwing starfish back into the ocean to avoid their dehydration would not make a difference as hundreds lined the shore. The boy then picked up another starfish and said, "It made a difference for that one!" Mimi is going to tackle her passion of education to empower men and women a little at a time, as she understands that we can all work together to make a difference. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mimi believes that the root of all change begins with education. She is passionate about economic and environmental sustainability. Her primary goal is to build lasting relationships with men and women, leaving them feeling empowered so they too can crave more knowledge.


A little about India – A reflection of my experience

A poem I wrote in October, 2015:     Living in a paradox     It is exhausting when what is true the opposite is also true     It drains me of myself to ponder everything that hits me     The everyday Why why why and how’s and more why’s fire up my…

21 January, 2016

Constant Reminder

When I walk through the scorchingly male-dominated streets I am devoured by the long-lasting stares from bulgy-eyed collared-clad men who stand hand in hand, their eyes a portrait of  something fierce. So intense I feel them picking me apart, shoveling out my intentions, peering deep into my movements and thoughts, sending out a maddening vibration…

21 January, 2016


I met Lakey, a sociology professor, during independent travel in Rishikesh. During a hike (pictured above) we were able  to have an extraordinary conversation about humanity. Despite her having grown up in northeastern India, it showed me location does not matter, the very basis of humans are the same.    Lakey   There is a…

21 January, 2016

To Dust

a thought-full rampage excerpts from my journal    i have been struggling to find the words of how i feel i feel a million different things i feel the weight of the garbage on the rotting soil and i feel the frustration in those who put it there i feel torn in my motives i feel…

28 October, 2015

The plunge

The only thing I can really say is that I am inspired. I am inspired by the dreamers around me and the hope that flutters in all our hearts. It is difficult to explain this feeling, because it is a feeling. It goes way beyond what words can describe.   So I guess the only…

30 August, 2015

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Mimi Eshleman