Mila Le

Mila is passionate about poetry, human geography, and social issues (locally and globally). Her involvement in her high school's teaching program has allowed her to gain skills in teaching, speaking and lesson planning. She spent her sophomore and senior year teaching and assisting at elementary schools on a regular basis. She loves to voice her opinions on different social issues such as gender inequality through her spoken word poems as well as her own personal experiences. She loves performing her poems at every event she has the opportunity to participate in and would not be who she was today without writing as a whole. Mila is interested in learning about different cultures, literature and fighting against social inequality. During her bridge year, Mila hopes to grow as an individual, fully immerse and learn about Ecuadorian culture and prepare herself for her journey to college and finding herself a career path she is passionate about.


7 Months in Awe

Most times it still does not feel real. I constantly remind myself I am actually living right here, in a foreign country, in Ecuador, in my campo that is Bella Union, and am astonished by everything that suddenly becomes real in the moment of that thought. The after-rain mud slides under the soles of my…

02 April, 2016

With 3 Months Left…

I took a break from California. I took a break from traffic on highways and bright, neatly scattered street lights, from populated but polluted beaches, from waking up every saturday in my room to go downstairs, have breakfast while clearing out my DVR. I took a break from familiar faces, familiar places, familiar foods, I…

20 December, 2015

ON APPRECIATION: Where I Come From and Where I Am Now

My grandmother is a small, cute asian lady who has creases around her eyes that only grow deeper when she laughs and smiles. Her english is not too well, and I often receive lectures from her in her native language. Embarrassingly enough, I don’t always understand what she is saying and get tired of the…

07 October, 2015

El Campo, My New Home

EL CAMPO – The countryside A very simple word to describe a tranquil and beautiful place that is my new home. Bella Union, a rural community with one big main dirt road that goes uphill. Going up the hill you can see the few small stores, including a metal workshop, a bakery, and 2 restaurants….

22 September, 2015

My Finding of Certainty in Uncertainty

  In a cage, I never knew any better… Than to work only with things given to me To sleep, eat, and learn in the same place Imprints of iron bars defacing my skin Years after years Outside this cage existed no house I wanted to belong to This house was not a home All…

19 September, 2015

Sick Day

Today I stayed home, sick and bedridden. After an episode of constant vomiting, insomnia and headaches, I’ve decided to never eat McDonalds ever again. Laying down with my aching stomach and pounding head, I’ve realized what an important day it was, and what a unfortunate time it was to get sick. Today was supposed to…

10 September, 2015

Things In My Room

Things in my room, I have clothes, books, an excessive amount of pillows, I have peace. I’m deciding what I should pack. I’m deciding on what I need. In my ginormous suitcase I’ve packed a lot of t-shirts, a couple pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes, some formal dresses and a lot more toiletries…

27 August, 2015

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Mila Le