Meredith Jones

Meredith is passionate about human connection, art, the natural world, and linguistics. She is involved in the arts academy at her school and a peace education organization, CISV, in her community where she helps to plan and run monthly educational activities for all ages through an experiential learning model around diversity, conflict and resolution, sustainable development, and human rights. Through CISV, she has traveled in programs where she builds a global community with CISVers from all over the world and works to create a more just and peaceful world through understanding. Her goals for the year are to learn Spanish, to stretch the bounds of her comfort zone, strengthen her sense of self, and to connect with her host family, GCY fellows, and Ecuador. Her favorite quote is "Would things be easier if there was a right way. Honey, there is no right way" by Hozier from the song "Someone New."


Day in the Life

6:15am- Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast with Heidy. Mama Ede cooks breakfast, usually a plate of rice, sometimes with potatoes or bread and quesillo (Ecuadorian cheese) or a boiled plantain (one of my personal favorites). 6:50am- Heidy and I leave the house to…

14 May, 2019


Me llamo Meredith. I have called myself Meredith for 18 years. I have never shortened it. Occasionally in conversation or introductions, people asked me if I had a preferred nickname. The truth is that Meredith was my preferred name. Every shorter variation of my name…

17 November, 2018

Pre-Departure Lists

The countdown is almost done! Today is my last day before I leave for Global Launch in San Francisco. My bags are packed. I have started to say my goodbyes. The dozens and dozens of to-do, packing, and fundraising lists I have made over the…

25 August, 2018

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Meredith Jones