Meaghan Coulter

Meg Coulter holds a passion for music, art, science, and above all else, equal rights and opportunities for all. She has been involved in numerous groups advocating for female and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as taking part in speaking out against domestic violence. For the past 7 years, Meg has tutored in math and science and has taught young students and disabled musicians how to play music. She hopes that in the future she can become an educator and an advocate and work with children to help achieve their goals. "If you dream it, you can do it! Ka-chow!" - Lightning McQueen, Cars 3


To Myself:

When you’ve thought of home, you’ve thought of a warm cat caressed in your arms, the cold kiss of an evening’s snowfall, and the soothing idea of a simple rest on a plush mattress. You even missed the notion of the unique feeling you’ve found that can only come with the relief of tears. But…

29 March, 2018

Domestic Dogs are Overfed

I noticed because they struggle when they walk and their waists nearly extend past their ribs, but I was told they’re usually fed rice. Maybe, to an extent, that is not ideal, but food will be food. I see strays on the street with abundance as well; appearing contaminated, dreaming of rice, struggling to walk….

29 March, 2018

What Did the Potato Say When He Answered the Phone?


24 March, 2018

All Bollywood Films End in Marriage

“Marriage is about two things: sexual satisfaction and building generations. Nothing more. Only useless people are thinking about love.” I’m 18, and I’ll admit I’m not ready to be tied down. I currently take marriage as a joke; I have much of my life left to live, why would I do so in the reigns…

20 February, 2018

7 Crazy Things Everyone Needs to Know Before Being an Adult Preschooler

Like every 4 year old, I remember the first day of preschool: never letting go of my parent’s leg, crying in hopes they could stay, and wishing I could just go back to a place I found familiar. I also stepped on small legos a lot and that was just the worst. And now I’m…

26 August, 2017

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Meaghan Coulter