Maya Holcomb

Maya is passionate about animals and learning about the world. She has spent several years training guide dogs for people who are blind and enjoys learning about animals and their behavior. After her Global Citizen Year, she will attend the University of Utah where she hopes to major in International Studies. She enjoys working with children and is inspired by the power young people have to change the world. Two goals Maya has for her Global Citizen Year are to become more comfortable outside of her comfort zone and to learn how to approach every situation with an open mind. Maya is taking a bridge year to act upon what Mark Twain once said; “don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”


The Difference of a Week

Last week at this time tears rolled down my smiling face as the chaotic sound of 200 people dancing and singing rung throughout the dining hall of a summer camp. It isn’t just a summer camp. It’s home. During the summer as a camp counselor…

17 August, 2019

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Maya Holcomb