Maryanne Roughton

Maryanne Roughton is passionate about helping others. She is involved in women's rights activism, LGBT+ issues, and environmental conservation. Her goals for the year are to learn about the different cultural aspects in Ecuador, form connections with the other fellows and her host family, and gain experience to help her in her future collegiate career. Her favorite quote is "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears," given by Nelson Mandela.


Top 15 Spanish Songs

Hi all! One of the most important parts of my bridge year was music. Here are my top 15 songs from my year in Ecuador. 1. Despacito- Lusi Fonsi (feat. Daddy Yankee) 2. Me Llamas- Piso 21 3. Otra Vez- Zion & Lennox (feat. J Balvin) 4. Dile Que Tu Me Quieres-…

04 April, 2017

My Life in Ecuador

Hello all and welcome back! While this may be a little late for this kind of blog post, I wanted to share what my daily life has been like in Ecuador with you. I have been living in the northern province of Imbabura, in the capital city of Ibarra. It is a fairly small city,…

20 March, 2017

The Comfort of Food and Friends

Hello and welcome back for my third blog post! As you may or may not know, a part of every fellow’s bridge year is language learning. For my cohort, our Spanish classes are every Thursday. Since we were all going to be in the same place around the same times, it only seemed logical to…

08 March, 2017

The Power of a Language

Most of my adventures in Ecuador have been incredible. (Note: being chased by stray dogs in the street is most likely not one of the more incredible ones, but they definitely lead to a funny story.) However, most have been followed by an unavoidable challenge— language barriers. More often than not, I find myself intensely…

06 November, 2016

Choosing Joy

And in the blink of an eye, the two months of preparation had ended, and I found myself waiting for my first flight to Chicago to take off before flying to California. It was the exact moment that the plane started taxiing that I began to panic. How was I supposed to navigate life in…

19 September, 2016

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Maryanne Roughton