Mary Modisette

Mary spends much of her time volunteering for marathons, benefit concerts, and fundraisers for children with special needs. Two of her life's passions include becoming more aware of worldwide issues and striving to contribute to helping others. She has run Varsity Track and Field for three years and Varsity Cross Country for four. She enjoys photography and writing, along with spending time with family and close friends.


One Word

It’s funny how we look at things over the passing of time, the way our minds once saw something a certain way but one day see it again, as something else completely different. How what was once a judgment becomes an understanding, how insecurities turn…

23 April, 2013

Women of Kebemer: The Lives of Bebe, Adja, and Alima

At first glance, one notices little gender dominance in the sandy market town that is Kebemer. Amidst the bustling street stands and boutiques, an outsider can hardly tell the difference between who is the shop owner, the buyer, and the friend stopping by for midday…

15 January, 2013

The Red Crayon, or the Blue?

“What activity do you think the kids should do?” Tonton Njame asked me in French, referring to the group of five and six-year-olds in the Grande Section of Casa de Tout Petit, a nursery school I had been formally working in for a not even…

29 November, 2012

Stream of Experiences

The first moment I left the plane and felt the damp humid air that made my face shiny and clothes stick uncomfortably, the men who spoke in rapid inaudible French grabbing at my suitcase demandingly, the stares and disapproving eyes that practically bored into us…

12 September, 2012

A Life All My Own

For many it’s difficult to pinpoint a moment in time that changed their entire perspective on life. Often it is a series of events and happenings that occur over a period that shape the way one views the world, even if ever so slightly. This…

13 July, 2012

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Mary Modisette