Mary Kate Mueller

Mary Kate went on an Exchange Year with AFS Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, and was nominated to deliver a speech in German to the Berlin Parliament. She also started a local chapter of the Children Get Arthritis Too for the Arthritis Foundation, and helped raise money for the foundation. She enjoys reading and playing the violin.


Year-End Video

Please click here to enjoy my final video of my Global Citizen Year!

23 April, 2013

A Free (Virtual) Walking Tour of Salvador!

Let’s take a (virtual) walking tour through the ruas ativas of Salvador, Bahia!  Stay close and attentive, be sure to keep your belongings secure, and look both ways about 47 times before crossing the streets! Let’s begin our tour along the Orla, in Itapuã, where the locals go for some of the best beaches!  I’d prefer to find a…

23 April, 2013

Carnaval do Uruguai, Salvador (Video)

I go to the lower-city Salvador neighborhood of Uruguai at least three times a week.  Lately, I’ve been meeting really interesting people to interview, and these interviews are forming a larger project I’m working on:  Women in the Workplace.  Interviews give a person’s story or history that would go otherwise unheard a chance to resurface….

26 February, 2013

The Litter Problem of Uruguai: Community Project

Kim Asenbeck and I are developing a project to address this problem, captured in this video. BAND (a Brasilian news channel, went to Uruguai to bring attention to the open-sewage and litter problems. Children are playing in the sewers, getting hurt or even dying; people are bathing in and drinking the water, bringing them to…

26 February, 2013

Video Project 1; Capão, Chapada Diamantina

Enjoy my most recent video: Glimpses into my Life in Brasil, Chapada Diamantina

29 November, 2012

Outside vs. Inside

When I hear the words “outside” and “inside,” many situations come to mind.  Outside: a curious observer, or excluded, craving the warmth, acceptance and comfort the inside provides.  Inside: consumed, slightly overwhelmed perhaps, yet content.  In Brazil, the language and culture offer many of these moments where I find myself outside or inside.  With the language, I am surely not in…

04 October, 2012

An Unpredictable Life

I believe life should be as unpredictable as possible.  Not unrealistically, of course, yet just enough to add a flare of adventure every chance possible.  Moments of oblivion and excitement bring out the child in us.  So far, my Global Citizen Year in Brazil has been quite unpredictable, and I am really getting to know the curious and eager…

24 September, 2012

A Minha Sorte Grande

A minha sorte grande, Foi você cair do céu, Minha paixão verdadeira. Viver a emoção, Ganhar teu coração, Pra ser feliz a vida inteira… Thanks to a 2012 Fellow’s great taste in Brazilian music, I’ve found Ivete Sangalo, a beautifully up-beat musician. Music has a special place in my heart, and because of the violin…

16 July, 2012

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Mary Kate Mueller