Mariela Garcia

Mariela is passionate about politics, technology, and student government. As a student leader, she was Junior class Vice President and Senior class President. Mariela also has a talent with words, earning her a spot on the Mock Trial Team and the 2010 Gunderson Poetry Slam finals.


Alum Post: This New Point of View

“How was it? How long were you there? Do you still talk to them?”   Among receiving and answering variations of those questions from family, friends, and colleagues, I’ve managed to keep myself very busy this summer! I’ve attained nine college units and registered for sixteen more, successfully learned to cook several dishes, reduced my caffeine…

18 August, 2011

More Than a Stove

It’s not exactly a Kenmore, but it provides just as much as any brand name could to those who receive it. To qualify to be a part of the project, the family must already be cooking with wood and prove their commitment to using the stove, by providing 45 Reais worth of material to build…

15 April, 2011

Efficient Cookstoves in Brazil

Check out this short video post by Mariela from the site of her apprenticeship in Brazil where she is working to track and monitor the installation of wood-efficient cookstoves

12 January, 2011

It gets a lot harder before it gets easier

Back at home, San Jose, California, I held a consistent pace of life that had taken me years to establish. I’d finally adjusted to my community, surroundings, and relationships, but now I’m committed to a seven month experience that will begin as exactly the opposite. It’s a taunting ordeal, getting used to a different setting,…

01 October, 2010

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Mariela Garcia