Marguerite LeLaurin

Marguerite's unique high school experience confirmed her commitment "to engage in a globally aware education that would develop my role as a citizen of the world." A visit to Heifer International World Headquarters at the start of her freshman year -- to simulate the experience of global poverty -- was very influential on her decision to join Global Citizen Year.


a night for Los Patojos.

It takes only one idea, progressing from the mind, through the mouth, to the masses, and into reality, to bring about a revolution. The realization of just one idea can usher in the dawn of a world-wide change. In the year of 1660 the Museo del Libro de Antigua harbored in its walls the first…

04 December, 2009

Pivotal Moment

oh heavens – Inevitably my life is changing, and with it so must I. I feel the perpetual momentum of time, always moving, pushing and prodding, propelling me forward. Days slide through and behind me, passing, approaching with frantic pace to my departure – the pivotal moment. From this point, for me, nearly everything will be…

18 September, 2009

and so it begins…

As my senior year came to its finish, I was faced with a most intimidating situation. Like others of my age and my position, it  came time for me to consider how I would move forward with my life, in which of endless options of direction. I was made to consider what meant most to…

11 August, 2009

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Marguerite LeLaurin