Marco Barracchia

Marco is passionate about the concept of sustainability in different fields, neuroscience, animal rights and dance. He's been involved in the outdoor leadership course, first aid, amnesty international and dance group at UWC Red Cross Nordic Norway. He loves travelling and discovering the small details of new destinations. He's also passionate about languages and hopes to pursue the study of new languages as well. His favourite quote is "we can't discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore".


Environmental Activism in Brazil: Saving our Oceans from Plastic.

During the last three months, the NGO I work with launched a new project in southern Brazil: raising awareness on the use of plastic and its effects in the ocean ecosystems. Having been an environmental activist for some time now, I couldn’t be happier to be part of this project, which in the end had…

24 March, 2019

We should all see the world with the curiosity lenses of a kid


24 March, 2019

Why nature saves me

During my gap year (and all my life) I’ve always felt a strong urge to consistently connect with nature. The reason behind is that it helps me grounding, meditating and connecting to the roots of the earth. Listening to the whispering of birds, watching sunsets, swimming in the cold ocean, hiking, canoeing, running, among others,…

24 March, 2019

Tupi Guaranì: a history of resistance

During my experience in Brazil, I had the pleasure to visit two Tupi-Guarani aboriginal communities. This experience opened a new world to me, and deeply intrigued my curiosity. In homage to this beautiful, resilient, admirable, brave, and extraordinary community I decided to write a blog, completely in Portuguese, describing a bit of my understanding and…

24 March, 2019

A guide for gap yearers

I wish I had a booklet in my pre-departure preparation with some advice on practicalities encountered on a gap year. This might be limited to my own (and other fellows experiences), though potentially useful for everyone considering a gap year. 1. Be a curious observer. Curiosity before judgment. Be open to cultural relativity to unlearn…

22 March, 2019

Running as in Life

It’s about the trail, not the destination Few times it happened to me to be seeing run-races here in Brazil, to the extent to which they seem to be a popular thingy. Although it might be something cultural here, I was keen enough to go running for the pleasure of running, instead of racing, and…

22 March, 2019

Why a gap year?

Why a gap year? “Why a gap year?” “Why would you take a gap year and volunteer on the other part of the ocean?” “Why would you volunteer, If you could be paid while working?” Having lived in a UWC in Norway in the last two years of my education, I realized there was a…

22 March, 2019

Two months in the land of Açaí.

And maybe yes, I should have written my blog on a daily basis. That was my plan, initially. A perfect start of my gap year resuming every day what it was like living in a new country, immersing myself into a new context, new language, new people. However, the start of my gap year took…

10 November, 2018


The last two years at UCW have taught me how important it is to strive for the best, to help others, to be the best version I could be. UWC is a place that made me live and feel, and then thrown me into the real world, without a guide on how to go through…

26 August, 2018

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Marco Barracchia