Madeline Ripa

Madeline is dedicated to community service both in her global community and her local community of Lincoln, Nebraska. She has spearheaded a campaign to raise money for the American Red Cross, organized volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, worked as a camp counselor at the Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp, and traveled on many domestic service trips with her church’s youth group. Madeline served as the 2010-2011 Nebraska DECA State President and placed in the top ten of the international DECA competition. In her spare time she has managed to cultivate an impressive talent for hoola-hooping.


The Final Stretch

When I first arrived in my host community Palmarin Facao, Senegal, in the beginning of October, I started working as a nurse at the “Poste de Sante de Palmarin Facao et Centre de Planification Familiale” (The Palmarin/Facao Health Clinic and Family Planning Center). Pape Ndiaye, the sole doctor on staff, and Cecile, my one fellow…

12 March, 2012

Senegalese Shorts

Hello Folks! The following is a collection of my experiences that I deem are blog-worthy, but not quite long enough to have a blog to themselves. They are also a way for me to apologize for my recent lapse in blogging, though I promise more are soon to come.   Decadence I start my day…

12 March, 2012


“ C’est quoi?” (“What is it?”) I asked, in response to what my new host mother had just told me. When I first arrived at my new home in Palmarin, my French had been less than mediocre and my Serere was non-existent. Consequently, “C’est quoi?” became a popular phrase. I would sit while my family…

01 December, 2011

A Baby and the Belgians

I took a moment to appreciate the beautiful baby girl in my arms. Just around 4 minutes ago, she had been a bump in her mothers’ stomach. I watched as she opened her eyes to blink at the big new world she was now a part of. I smiled and handed the unnamed baby to…

01 December, 2011

My Friend Dan, the Hippo

The moment I stepped off the plane in Dakar was the first time I set foot on foreign soil. I’ve been experiencing culture shock every since then, and am loving every minute of it! With that said, I’ve had a few misunderstandings, mistranslations, and overall struggles. The following is a compilation of them all.  …

13 September, 2011

You Might Find This Interesting

Three months ago I was planning a half-year backpacking trip across New Zealand. I had travel guides at the ready and was busy researching prospective bungee-jumping companies and sites where they would be filming “The Hobbit.” I was ecstatic and ready to get going. Then, it just so happened, I got an e-mail. The subject…

07 July, 2011

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Madeline Ripa