Madelaine Guss

Having grown up in Narberth, Pennsylvania, Madelaine spends the bulk of her free time riding her bike, reading, and listening to music. She worked as the president of her school's buildOn program, which is where she developed an interest for international service, as well as a passion for educating her peers about the practice of human trafficking. She recently traveled to Haiti to spend two weeks helping to build a primary school. Madelaine is excited about her forthcoming year as a Global Citizen.


Segou,October (Video)

This is a video I made after my first month living in Segou. While in-country I had a difficult time finding strong internet connection and found myself unable to post this video. Some of the footage includes: My host mother (Maimouna) sifting corn and my…

14 May, 2013

Dear Maimouna, Love Madelaine

October 30th, 2012 Dont Open Till April Dear Maimouna, Today doesn’t really mark any important or special day (well at home tomorrow is Halloween but that doesn’t really matter here), but for some reason you were really saddened and wanted to do something memorable or…

23 April, 2013

What’s Mine is Yours

The culture that surrounds lending, borrowing, giving, and taking within Segou and the surrounding villages startled me at first. Nobody seemed to ask for anything, but rather demanded that it was given to them. The language translates to “give me your,” or “I want that,…

11 February, 2013

The Twelve Days of Segou

Of the various things that I packed that have proved to be comically useless, my Alarm clock is probably the most unnecessary item that made its way into my suitcase. The main reason for this is because each morning, before the sun rises, I am greeted…

11 December, 2012

experiential U

During our 2-week pre-departure training the fellows were informed of an experiential U that expressed the up and downward mobility we would feel during this year. While living momentarily in Dakar, I found myself cemented on the top left perch of this U, looking out over Senegal and the…

14 November, 2012

Senegalese Sunday

Since my arrival in Dakar only three weeks ago, I have noticed myself adapting to certain cultural tendencies. My left hand no longer carries the brunt of my work, my walking pace has decreased significantly, and my pallet has been greatly widened by the various meals I consume each…

28 September, 2012


As the month of July drags on—the third month of the longest summer I have endured since I entered school—I begin to take the necessary steps to prepare for the upcoming year: scheduling doctor appointments, filling out paperwork, and purchasing my first pair of sneakers…

18 July, 2012

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Madelaine Guss