Maddi McGirr

Maddi McGirr is passionate about creating peace in societies, music and being active particularly through swimming. She has been involved in musical performances as a means to promote culture and peace and to raise awareness about global issues. She is also active in providing service to her local community at college, regularly participating in sessions teaching young children how to swim. Her goals for the year are to gain an understanding of a new culture, she hopes to use music as a means of uniting people from different backgrounds and combining music and education to create an interactive learning environment. She is inspired by her friends in her international school who have the courage to voice their opinions and promote social change.



When you look at this photo all you can see is a mango, a dirt track and a lot of blue. But this simple mango is a reminder of the generosity shown to me since coming to this country. I took this photo during my…

21 December, 2018

Magic in the Air

Today I am sharing a creative piece from the Final football match I went to a few nights ago. The teams playing were my street (Ndoutt) vs another street (Fogne) in my town, Tivaouane. I wanted to share the atmosphere with you as it was…

09 November, 2018

A Month In One Day

I wake up this morning in my cosy (small) room, slits of sunlight creeping through the curtain, the sound of the fan blended with the sounds of my host family preparing for the day outside. The morning starts with an array of “Sala Malay kum”…

22 October, 2018

Happy Families

  Monday 13th August 2018 Blog Entry 1 “Happy Families”   Happy Families. A little known card game which I have played with my siblings from a very young age. The game is similar to that of ‘Go Fish’ with normal playing cards, the aim…

13 August, 2018

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Maddi McGirr