Macy Lipkin

Macy is an avid writer, reader, musician, and planner, as well as a staunch feminist and environmentalist. During her year in Ecuador, Macy hopes to become more comfortable not being in control of every situation, ”especially schedules,” and to get to know her new community. She is excited and terrified to be away from home for so long, but she knows she won't regret this adventure.


Little Things Don’t Feel Big Enough

Little things excite me about going home: having a bunch of sweatshirts to choose from, eating bagels and tofu and drinking lots of almond milk, seeing my dogs again. It’s been a long time since Mom and I counted expired inspection stickers as we drove…

18 April, 2019

Wherever You Go: Judaism in Ecuador

*This post was originally published on December 9, 2018. * *Wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish* *You’re never alone when you say you’re a Jew* *So when you’re not home and you’re somewhere kinda newish* *The odds are, don’t look far, ‘cause they’re Jewish…

16 March, 2019

I Find Myself Reading

I am the same person I was when I left home six months ago: stubborn, persistent, and dedicated when I decide to be. I’m quick to judge, but I strive to be kind. I fall asleep daydreaming—about going home, working at Explo this summer, moving…

02 March, 2019

I’ll Wake You Up Tonight

Note: Find my posts right away (with cleaner formatting!) on The Spanish version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” just wasn’t doing it for me. It carried the same tune but translated to “If you’re really happy, clap like this.” And yet…

03 February, 2019

A Tale of Two Mothers

Note: To read my posts right away and see photos, subscribe to my personal blog: Before I came to Ecuador, I didn’t consider what it would mean to live with another family. I knew my host family would be important, so I paid more…

09 January, 2019

I’ve Moved!

Hi everyone! Due to technical difficulties with the GCY site, I’ve moved all of my posts to my personal blog, * *. There, you can find my old posts, plus the one I sent in on November 14 that never went up. Check it out!…

13 December, 2018

​¿Te gustas el Ecuador?

The short answer: yes and no. Every time I introduce myself to someone new, I explain that I’m here until April, living with a host family in Quiroga and interning at Radio Pública Cotacachi. Usually, the stranger asks, “¿Te gustas el Ecuador?” Sometimes, I just…

14 November, 2018


My first memory of Spanish class takes place on a dark blue carpet (which we always called “the rug”) in the corner of a classroom on the first floor of Barbieri Elementary School in Framingham, Massachusetts. I spent most of my time next door with…

22 October, 2018

Along for the Paseo

On the third day of my apprenticeship at the radio, Joselyn, the reporter, asked me to listen to interviews she’d conducted with some folks from Guatemala. Guatemala? Seriously? I didn’t come all the way to Ecuador to learn about Guatemala. But despite my apprehension, I…

07 October, 2018


Two hours into my seven-month homestay, the three-year-old told me she loved me. “¿Tan pronto?” I responded. “So soon?” I’m living in Quiroga, a suburb in northern Ecuador, with my host mom, host dad, and their three girls, who are three, eleven, and thirteen. My…

20 September, 2018

First Impressions

In the weeks leading up to Global Launch at Stanford, I made some resolutions. At the dawn of a new era, I decided that I would be excited and outgoing; I’d greet everyone with an enthusiastic hello. New Macy, as I imagined her, would be…

07 September, 2018

Been There, Done That

  This time three years ago, I was getting ready to transfer to boarding school. I spent August writing and rewriting my packing list, shopping for dress code clothes (khakis were a shift from the sweatpants of my public school days), and combing through my…

15 August, 2018

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