M'Chaelah Brown

M'Chaelah "Kay" Brown is passionate about learning how to sustain not only the natural environment but the culture of people and communities living in a specific region. She is involved in Fast Fashion research, Lemelson-MIT where she worked with a team as sustainability lead to develop a solar-powered modular device to power a photocopier for a school in Senegal and working on the intersectionality of the environmental movement. Her goals for the year are to take in Brazil's nature, learn from the people of Brazil, practice humility, harmony, and openness, and to learn more about herself and her role in the world through new experiences. She is inspired by the Frank Ocean quote "I still believe in Man" because of the resilient and empathetic nature of humans. This motivates her to work on solving the worlds most complex problems such as climate change. She aims to do so by using environmental engineering and anthropology to design/invent for a more sustainable world.


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M'Chaelah Brown