Lynn Drescher

Lynn is passionate about the environment, dancing, and baking. She is involved in her school´s event organization team and urban water protection. Her goals for the year are to immerse in the local community and to learn Portuguese. Lynn hopes to find time to reflect, but also to understand what she could imagine herself doing after her Global Citizen Year. She would like to learn outside, things a classroom cannot teach her, and as much as possible about Brazils beautiful setting and environmental threats.


missing home

There seem to be no words to describe the feeling of being back.  The sadness occupying my mind and heart has had to make space for thoughts about the present and coming days, but its heaviness remains unchanged. However, I begin to feel something sprouting from exactly this yearning for my little Brazilian home: warm gratefulness, nourished by the painful yet happy remembrance…

01 June, 2019

close to the ocean

Barra da Lagoa is a small village on the east coast of Florianópolis. In a neighbourhood, where kindness makes you always feel welcomed, you can feel the importance of close relationships on every walk, see it in every smile. But I hope these pictures allow a glimpse of this place, its deep connection to the enchanting nature and surrounding water.  I could…

22 May, 2019

Working @ Projeto Tamar

At TAMAR in Floripa, I learned about sea turtles and natural protection. But more importantly, about the importance of collaboration and support in a team. Thanks to coworkers, who became close friends, I was soon able to hold guided tours for visitors in English as well as in Portuguese. I taught about the dangers created…

22 May, 2019

About hikes and travels

Here are some pictures summarizing nature explorations, the Carnaval in Laguna, trips to Curitiba and the waterfalls in Iguaçu.

19 March, 2019

New York to Stanford to Florianópolis to Barra da Lagoa

06 September, 2018

How it begins

A few days ago we finally received information about what lies ahead – our host families, where and with whom we will be living, and what our apprenticeship will look like. I can still remember the nervous tingles in my fingers once the email loaded. This was the moment I had been waiting for many…

03 September, 2018

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Lynn Drescher