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Lydia Collins

Lydia spends a good deal of her time volunteering, and was even elected to the board of the Community Service Club at her school.  She runs a program called Empty Bowl, which is a fundraising event in which the ceramic students make bowls while the culinary students make soup, and the two are sold together to raise money for a local soup kitchen.  She also volunteers three times a week at an after school program, where she tutors and organizes activities for the kids.  She took a weekly architecture class at the Art Institute of Chicago last semester, and hopes to pursue a career in architecture.


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Lydia Collins


When I decided to attend Tufts in the spring of 2012, I simultaneously made another life-changing decision — to not go to Tufts.  Right away, that is.  I deferred my admission until the following year and signed up to spend a year in Ecuador with a program called Global Citizen Year. Global Citizen Year is...

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