Luciana Ribeiro da Silva

Luciana is passionate about people and wildflowers. She is inspired by the kind strength of her great-grandmother and always looks up to the Orion constellation, because it reminds her of her father. In UWC-USA, she was involved with a peer-support organization for sexual wellness and education and is always interested in talking about the intersectionalities of gender, sexuality, and race. Her goals for the year are to see as many colors, take as many hikes, love as much as she can.


Uma Fruta Atrás da Outra

Escrito no dia 19 de março de 2019, em Hyderabad, India. Chegamos na Índia quando a época do romã tinha acabado de começar. Fortes tons de rosa e vermelho tinham dominado cafés da manhã e vasilhas de iogurte. E mesmo que as sementes da fruta fossem saudáveis e brilhantes, eu carregava em mim o peso…

23 May, 2019

One Season After The Other

We got to India when pomegranate season had just started. Powerful, beautiful tones of pink and red had taken over breakfast tiffins and curd bowls. And although the seeds were bright and healthy, I carried in me the burden of wanting to be somewhere else at all times during that same season. Nothing seemed enough,…

23 May, 2019

Teacups Full of Chai

I wrote this piece in my journal on February 5th, when in Shillong, Northern India.  Earlier this morning, a proverb about a teacup was told to us and something sparkled.  There was a wise Zen master that received people from all over to teach all sorts of life lessons. One day, a scholar came seeking for…

20 May, 2019

The Saree This is my host grandmother putting a saree on me on the night of Christmas’ Eve. In India, women of different backgrounds, religions, ages, practices, and dialects share the saree as their traditional attire. Centuries of colonization and Western influence did not change the primary piece of clothing of Indian women. They carry history…

16 May, 2019

Vida inteira numa terça-feira

Me lembro bem de ouvir alguém dizer que pra sobreviver a um ano sabático eu tinha que me acostumar a não fazer muita coisa. Abraçar o vazio das muitas horam que habitam numa terça-feira à tarde. Bem, antes que eu pudesse aprender a administrar a monotonia de não ter o que fazer, as mil e…

12 February, 2019

Life on a Tuesday

[português no final] I remember being told that to be on a gap year you had to get used to not doing much. To embrace the void in the hours that can fit in a single Tuesday afternoon. Well, before I could learn how to manage the stillness of being bored, I was struck by…

12 February, 2019

Ready to Fly

(wrote this as I was boarding to California for the Global Launch, but didn’t have connection to post)  As I'm in one more airport, ready to fly, waiting for another connecting flight that will take me to the next chapter of the never-ending adventure my life seems to be, I can finally slow down for a…

10 September, 2018

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Luciana Ribeiro da Silva