Lola Ibanez

Lola is passionate about traveling, public health, women´s right, volleyball and meeting people. She led a strike in Women´s day at her previous high school, she was also the leader of an activity dedicated to teaching english to kids from the closest communities and she volunteers with Red Cross in her city. Furthermore, she is involved in the UWC movement as an Alumni graduated from UWC Costa Rica. Her goals for the year are to immerse and learn as much as possible from the senegalese culture, learn from the public health services in the country, speak French and hopefully Wolof and join or open a volleyball team.


Porque soy Mujer

Me acuesto y me levanto siendo Mujer. Me encuentro entre la suciedad del espejo y solo veo una Mujer. Abro el armario y rebusco entre las ropas largas porque soy Mujer.   Ellas miran mi blanca piel y acarician mi pelo. Preparo el alfabeto y practicamos escribir. Repetimos los números también. Porque soy Mujer y…

07 March, 2020

To all the names I will never forget

I didn´t know where to place you in my family tree. I didn´t know why you acted like my mum and how you became my closest friend. I didn´t know how we encountered ourselves within the cultural gap. I didn´t know why you can read my eyes so easily. I didn´t know why you decided…

07 March, 2020

My spectrum / Mi espectro

(¡español más abajo!)   My name is Fatou Bintou Ndiaye, that is how I have been called for the past 4 months. That is the person that embraces this experience with all its ups and downs. That is the person I consider myself to be in this country. A few months ago I was asked…

05 December, 2019

Magni Fi!

People have always been my motivation, my source of energy and accomplishments. That is why I love to travel, to fly from country to country, looking for people with the same language of perdition and adaptation. Cause more than to places, buildings or objects, we belong to the memories that anchor us to them. I…

14 September, 2019

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Lola Ibanez