Lindsey Sepulveda

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Lindsey has been active in the College Track program, serving as a Senator in the student government and helping to lead a backpacking trip in the Tahoe Mountains. Her parents moved to the United States from Mexico, and on visits to parts of Mexico she has realized the challenges that other communities face and the importance of global interdependence.


Walking Together

During my year, I worked with an organization called La Casa De La Juventud (Youth House). This organization is made up mainly of local youth ranging from all ages, who get together and set up events to do after school or during weekends. La Casa De La Juventud provides a network for the youth in…

04 May, 2012

Capstone Project

I am now back home, and all I can think about are my family, friends, co-workers, Global Citizen Year staff, and fellows. I miss everyone very much and especially Ibarra. When I started my year I was given the opportunity to create an entirely new life. No one knew me and I didn’t know anyone…

04 May, 2012

Thank You. Gracias.

To show our appreciation (Imbabura fellows) to our host families and apprenticeship directors. We put together a video. We presented the video during the thank you luncheon. The families and directors were happy to see how much we cared about them. I hope you enjoy the video.

04 May, 2012

Lindsey and Molly Try a New Food

It’s very common for people who visit Ecuador to try food that is less than usual in other countries, such as guinea pigs. A few months ago, another fellow, Molly Ryan Owen, tried churos, which are tiny snails that are boiled and eaten with onions, tomato, lime and other toppings.  Churos are often sold as…

27 April, 2012

Mission: Carnaval

Mission Name: Carnaval in Coangue 2012 Date: February 20th and 21st Objective: To get yourself and every living object in site as dirty as possible, using water (from the river), paint, flour, eggs, and only in desperate cases use mud. Execution Plan: Plan to catch a bus at 9 a.m. Wait in line for an…

17 April, 2012

My EcuaRoom This is a video of my third room. I have been living with the same host family for the past six months, but we’ve moved houses twice due to landlord and neighbor problems. This is my third, final, and favorite room. Take a look and I hope you like it.

28 March, 2012

My Life is a Movie

One of the most common experiences that I’ve had during my Global Citizen Year is that sometimes I have a whole bunch of slow days or a lot of busy days. A few days ago, I was having a really slow day so I decided to watch a movie called Rango. It’s about a lizard…

16 February, 2012

A Warm Welcoming in a Cold Place

­ I live in small city called Ibarra. It’s central to many small communities which host other fellows such as San Clemente, Cochapamba, Salinas and Zuleta. The week Maria Cristina (my team leader) was visiting the fellows for the monthly check-ins, the school in Zuleta had reached out to her and asked her if there…

04 January, 2012

Reaching Outside My Comfort Zone

Writing this blog post has been one of the most difficult things I’ve had to this summer, but like many things in life, it has to be done. I knew when I decided to become a GCY Fellow that I would have to do some blogging and many other things that aren’t a part of…

07 July, 2011

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Lindsey Sepulveda