Lily Turner

Lily is passionate about education, equality, and individuality. She has been an advocate for student’s rights, taking part of campaigning for her local school’s levy and helping protest with March For Our Lives. She believes equal education should be valued and accessible to everyone. Her goals for the year are to grow as a person and teacher, and hopefully foster many meaningful relationships with who she meets along the way. Lily is inspired by her friends and the people around her, she believes that she is who she is because of what she has learned from them. She says, “ The best way to learn & grow is to be like a sponge and absorb the experiences of others to take with you wherever you may go next. I am excited to do this in India with Global Citizen Year.”


Piece On The Climate Strike in Pune, India

September 21st, 2019 Almost everything about my India experience has been somewhat contradictory. You come out of a nice mall or coffee shop to wild pigs wandering across the road, you spend hours making fresh meals and eat them with only your hands, and in…

15 October, 2019


I never thought I would be here a year ago. Or even six months ago for that matter. Global Citizen Year kind of fell into my lap, like an apple from a tree, something purely coincidental but exactly what one needs at the time. At…

28 August, 2019

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Lily Turner