Lily Ellenberg

Lily’s interest in global issues was sparked by travels with her family to Nepal, Cambodia, and Italy as well as participation in a humanitarian aid delegation to Cuba with fellow Spanish language students. She was co-leader of the Global Citizens Club at her school, which raises awareness and funds for UN action days on AIDS and hunger. Lily also loves viewing and making art.


Words From Ecuador

I am from eight thirty bedtimes and rising with the sun. From devious little cousins and younger siblings. From fresh fruit juice, ecua-shoes, and a new system of time. From seemingly shy women and overtly forward men. From fried yucca, comidas tipicas and yogoso sabor a naranja. I am from open-air classrooms, school uniforms and…

30 March, 2012

Making the Grade

My one week site visit to San Ramon De Kuyaloma got off to a slow start. The first day I sat in the office, chatted in broken Spanish to the director of the school, Fredy, and ate lunch at 10:45 am. Day two seemed it would be more of the same…until, Fredy led me to…

27 March, 2012

A Lesson On Grieving

The house sits on wooden stilts, sunken down below the road. When we arrived it was already full of people. I didn’t know our destination until we arrived; I didn’t know our purpose until I saw the small wooden coffin. It sat atop a table covered in tall white candles. My stomach dropped and my…

25 January, 2012


It’s a quiet Sunday in the Andi-Cerda household. We’ve just finished lunch when I notice my host-dad Juan cutting up something brown outside.   “It’s tobacco, we’re going to mix it with water,” Irene, my host-mom, explains.   “Its part of our culture,” Juan interjects, “want to try?”   Although I dont know what it…

02 January, 2012


11 November, 2011

We’re Everywhere…

The last thing I expected was bagels. I never imagined the heaven of a brunch of Jewish comfort food. But indeed I had the opportunity, along with two other Jewish fellows, to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with the Jewish community in Quito. To get into the synagogue we had to bring copies of…

09 November, 2011

El Jugo De Kambic

The second week with my Napo host family has begun. My family consists of parents, Irene and Juan, and two younger siblings: one boy, Kambic, age nine, and one girl, Nina, age three. They are both rather adorable if I do say so myself.  Kambic acted comfortably towards me from the first day, but I had…

18 October, 2011

Curiosity and Discovery

Hello, my name is Lily Ellenberg. I have lived in Portland, Oregon my entire life (so far), and I just graduated from the Catlin Gabel School. I went to Catlin for fifteen years, the vast majority of my life thus far. Both my parents work at the school, and my little sister also attends. In…

28 July, 2011

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Lily Ellenberg