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Libby Parker-Simkin

Libby is passionate about photography and empowerment through education and the arts. She is a library volunteer and a policy wonk, and enjoys hiking and kayaking. Her goals for the year are to learn about other cultures and practice portraiture.


The Nature of Fear (and Courage)

April 11, 2014

There are two types of fear: the fast primal type that helps you stay alive, and the slow existential type that keeps you up at night pondering the impending implosion of the universe and all of your insecurities. Both of these types of fear serve a purpose and neither is inherently bad, but they can...

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Being Sick in Brazil: My Venture into The Public Health System

January 6, 2014

Just before Christmas, I got quite sick. It started with a sniffle and sore throat and escalated to a nasty upper respiratory infection. After a few days of being miserable, my host family took me to a Pronto Atendimento, Brazil’s version of an urgent care center. I went through the triage process, got my forms...

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Eu Não Sou Cathólica: Faith in Brazil

October 2, 2013

On Sunday, my Italian-Brazilian host family took me to their church. This story will make more sense if I tell you that I grew up in a Unitarian Universalist congregation and I have attended Catholic church services exactly twice, once for my church’s Neighboring Faiths class, and the other for a good friend’s confirmation ceremony....

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Neverwhere: Home, But Not

September 13, 2013

In the 30+ hours I spent flying down to Brazil, I read Neil Gaiman’s fabulous book “Neverwhere.” Its about an ordinary man named Richard Mayhew who helps out a mysterious girl he finds injured in the street and is transported into an alternate version of London called London Below. London Below is part in the...

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The Value of Protips

July 30, 2013

Occasionally, I get in over my head. I like to try new things, so sometimes I apply, sign up, and volunteer for things I am not necessarily prepared for. In some cases I can figure out what to do and adapt, but in others my lack of experience causes problems. On one adventure, my youth...

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Hello, Internet

July 9, 2013

Hello, Internet! This morning I got up, had some coffee and toast, and was inspired to write this blog post. I’m sitting in my room with my laptop, listening to music, typing, and reflecting over how much my life is about to change. (See the photo above.)   I am a curious person by nature....

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