Libby Goldman

Libby is passionate about travel and getting to know different cultures. She is involved in many different activities in and outside of school, such as theatre and the American Cancer Society. Libby has been taking Spanish in school since kindergarten, and is very passionate about the Spanish language. Her goals for the year are to make lasting bonds with people, to grow and learn as a leader and individual, and to make a lasting impact wherever she ends up.


A Very Juncal Christmas

I wake up to the sounds of laughter and salsa music outside my door. My eyes jerk open, and I lunge for my watch to check the time. 7:23 PM – shoot, I overslept.  I rip off my thin sheet and warm alpaca blanket and yank open…

10 March, 2014


So far, this has been a year full of learning, laughter, and love. I’ve learned not only concrete life skills I know I’ll carry with me long after this program ends, but so much about myself and this wonderful world around me. I’ve laughed for hours on end…

14 February, 2014

The Little Things

I get hit on by creepy men. I’m always late to Spanish class. I gain weight from the obscene amounts of rice I eat. I’m perpetually sunburned. I suffer through failed lesson plans in my classes. I have innumerable amounts of mysterious cuts and scrapes on my hands….

30 December, 2013

A Week in the Life

My week starts early Monday morning. I wake up at 6:15, drag my groggy self out of bed, eat a hurried bowl of cereal, and head down the unpaved path to the bus stop. There, I meet up with my aunt Emilia, my cousin Angelita, my mom’s friend…

18 November, 2013

La Vida Juncaleña

Life in El Juncal is definitely different.  Here I am, an ambitious, overeager, slightly awkward white girl trying to assimilate into a tight-knit, laid back Afro-Ecuadorean community.  The drive down from Ibarra, the city about an hour out, was truly incredible.  I stared out with window with naïve…

11 October, 2013

The Days are Long

The first time I tried to write this blog post I ended up crying.  The truth comes out — I am  typical teenage girl with unruly feelings. It wasn’t that I was writing about some terribly sad event that’s happened to me since coming to Ecuador, and…

19 September, 2013

Here’s to the Beginning

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I suppose this is what I’ll be using to update you all about my travels in Ecuador next year.  Firstly I just want to say I could not be more excited for the journey I have ahead of me.  I can’t…

19 July, 2013

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Libby Goldman