Laura Harvey

Laura is participating in Global Citizen Year through our partnership with the Tufts 1+4 program. Laura is passionate about cultures past and present and the future of our natural world. She has been volunteering with Girl Guiding for 5 years to help build confidence in young girls, and is a feminist and LGBT ally. Laura also loves studying and making art, and has traveled to Barcelona and Tuscany to study art history. Her goals for her gap year are to form meaningful relationships with her host family and community, to explore the options for environmental sustainability in Brazil, and to become immersed in new art forms. She would like to gain independence and learn more about Latin American politics. Laura is inspired by the pursuit of knowledge and harmony in the natural world.


Wet Paint

I was settling into painting in the warehouse on the botanical gardens of Floripa when the percussive introduction of a very specific song began to ring out of my phone’s tiny speaker. “Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes. A little random, I know – I’d recommend a listen though. I love painting because it completely focuses one…

21 March, 2019

Between the Lines

In taking a gap year, I made the decision to learn by looking up. For a nerd like me, admitting that you can’t learn everything with your nose in a book can be painful. Admittedly, I would still dive straight into a library if I were looking for nuclear theories or a chronology of the…

18 December, 2018

I need a new watch

Time is different in Brazil. There are many reasons why – I went from British summer time with the sun setting at 11pm, to it setting here at 6:30pm. We eat lunch anywhere between 1pm and 4pm, and tea just before going to bed. The busses can come up to 20 minutes before or after…

25 October, 2018

A Blunt Pencil

Whilst drawing out in the landscape, an art teacher once told me that “you must draw faster, because every time you look up, what you see will have changed.” Pencil in hand, and sheltering my sketchpad from the late winter drizzle, I realise that this concept transcends much further than the Tuscan hills. On the…

30 September, 2018


In three weeks of orientation, I’ve carried my notebook, pen and water bottle around my fair share of classrooms, lecture halls and conference rooms. I carried them around the Tufts and Stanford Campuses and the Morros Das Pedras Hotel in my tote bag, somewhat obnoxiously adorned with a print of Botticelli’s Primavera. I could derive…

11 September, 2018

Happy 70th Birthday

The dappled shade protects my pale shoulders from the sun and the grass is damp under my bare legs. The taste of Thai food is new and there’s probably as much on my face as in my mouth. I unfold one leg and stretch it out into the circle. The circle consists of the other…

30 August, 2018

British but not Britain

“Don’t forget to take a casserole recipe!” “Make sure you pack Pride and Prejudice!” “Brush up on Brexit in case you get asked!”   Approaching the cultural exchange I will participate in over the next year, I am beginning to realise quite how British I am. My parents are tea addicts; my favourite author is…

12 August, 2018

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Laura Harvey