Khadim Sarr

Specific people inspire me. They are those who are stubborn enough, crazy enough to ignore friends, family, naysayers, realists, etc to pursue their beliefs. They are those who have taken their mission bigger than they are and decide to live with it no matter what the consequences may be. My favourite quote is from a poem by William Ernest Henley and it says "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." The reason I am in love with it not just because it was also the former president of South Africa's, Nelson Mandela, dearest poem. My preference is in the nature of its philosophy, existentialism, where one will not be saved by any higher form of divinity but only by oneself. Therefore, human should tell themselves to keep rowing, keep paddling, keep digging with a belief that the fruit of its consequences will nonetheless be laid upon those who bore the action. Existentialism also has a message of contentment to always be accepted of consequences because sour things are also the fruit of actions.

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