Kevin Do

Kevin has spent many hours volunteering for the Red Cross and the Boys and Girls Club, where he tutored children and helped with fundraising. He has also held a handful of leadership roles, including Captain of the Tennis Team, and President and Treasurer of the Mock Trial Club. He enjoys dancing, playing piano, teaching himself the guitar, and reading fantasy novels in his spare time.


Toubako in Mako

One month into village life. One month of being a toubako, or foreigner in the local language of Pulaar. As one, I draw stares from many people, but I’m not the first foreigner in my village of Mako. Actually to call it a village would be wrong considering there’s roughly 3000 people who live in…

11 March, 2013

Sounds of Mako

I hear the roosters every morning I hear the donkeys as they bray I hear my family shooing All the animals away   I hear the sounds the children make I hear them shout with joy as they play I hear them shriek from the beatings they take But that’s the Senegalese way   I…

07 March, 2013

On the Life of a Poor Person

Picture the following life: A person living in a village in Africa. You already picture some poor starving child probably. Let me continue the description. This person is living in a village with no electricity or running water. If he wants water, he has to go to the village pump and fill a bucket. Of…

06 March, 2013

On My Objective in Senegal

My objective, intention, goal, expectation, whatever you want to call it, for this whole bridge year experience was to find myself. Sounds like a tough task, considering that people are always discovering new things about themselves right? It’s the experiences we go through that help us discover ourselves. And believe me, being here has given…

06 March, 2013


I was on a high. Just coming  back from the first training seminar and seeing everyone again was awesome. Spending Thanksgiving on the beach and seeing how much we’ve changed only 7 weeks in. Sitting on the bus back I remember thinking, “Okay, now I’m a quarter of the way through. Time to kick thing…

06 March, 2013

Becoming a Callous

I always say that you can make anything at all a metaphor for life. So I challenged myself to actually do it.  This whole experience is turning me into a callus. What do I mean? Well first of all, what is a callus? It is a buildup of dead skin on a certain part of…

06 March, 2013

The First Day

I woke up to the sound of roosters cockle-doodle-dooing and saw myself surrounded by little white strings woven together to create my mosquito net, but past that I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. The ceiling to my new room. I woke up at eight and was greeted by many ” A Finii e jamm?” which in Pulaar literally means,…

13 November, 2012


Hi there, I’m Kevin Do. I’ve lived in New Jersey for my entire life, but have been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries, ranging from Thailand and Japan to Australia and Germany. However, while I didn’t get a true cultural experience, I did get snippets of it here and there. These snippets merged…

17 July, 2012

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Kevin Do