Kenya Barbosa-McCauley

Kenya is passionate about social justice. She considers herself a young activist and is involved in her local men's shelter, raising money for scholarships for children in Nicaragua to attend school, and participating in many social justice initiatives in her diverse hometown of Oakland. Her goals for the year are to create a connection with her culture, she is half Brazilian and hopes to fully immerse herself in the culture. Kenya is looking forward to being impacted by her host family and learning from them and the rest of her community. Kenya hopes to gain a new perspective of the world that will stay with her forever. My favorite quote is "Be here now". - Ram Dass. This quote resonates with me because it sets a constant reminder to not only live in the moment and accept the situation at hand, but truly BE here and take advantage of what is present in front of you. This quote has reminded me to find light in adverse situations and helped me stay gracious.


how to say goodbye

After we said our goodbyes and I drove away, tears rolled down my face and I bit the inside of my lip in an attempt to keep from sobbing out loud, even though I had already exploded in front of Mackenzie and Jordyn. I stared blankly out the window with tears rolling down my face,…

05 April, 2017


At a goodbye party last night I gave a speech entirely in Portugues written by me. Here below is what I delivered… since it was written in portugues I made a translation in English all though it is not exact because so many things cannot be expressed in English… I wasn’t able to attach the…

30 March, 2017

Feeling Lost Is Okay

I have felt lost more times than I can count this year. Since I left home on August 19th, I have found myself fiddling with things to pass the time, struggling to keep my mind focused on one thing, and frantically searching for the blinking sign that tells me “You Aren’t Lost!” The first time…

02 March, 2017

On My Own

*written using some parts of my diary* I was rarely serious about anything I did. The things my hands have created are all seemingly done accidentally. Rushed, as though they too can barely wait to get away from me. To do things seriously means to plan for reality, to plan for waking nights and sleepy…

14 December, 2016

The Bus Ride That Is Life

I pop my headphones in and sit down on the metal benches as the cracking yellow paint rubs on my pants. I lean my tired, heavy head on the plastic, graffiti-etched backing that holds it all together. The bus stop.They all look the same, blue, white and yellow just like the buses.  When I see…

10 December, 2016

The Road That Lies Ahead

I was lucky enough to get the window seat on my flight home. I peered out of the small dirt-fogged window to see the Bay Bridge. Home, but only for 3 more weeks. I have just spent the last 5 weeks in the small fishing town of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua. When I touch down and enter…

17 August, 2016

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Kenya Barbosa-McCauley