Kedisha Samuels

A committed community member and artist, Kedisha spent her time in high school working with the program, buildOn, and creating artwork in the school's International Baccalaureate Arts program. She also volunteered as an intern at the law firm Holland & Knight where she worked on a pro bono case.


Internal Discussions

Even as I compose this blog right now I struggle with getting my mind to focus my thoughts on one thing. Four months into my year off from college and it appears as though I’m receiving an influx of feelings concerning life and what it…

07 February, 2011

A Woman’s Worth

It was stark black outside with the exclusion of the stars that illuminated the sky. On nights like this when the power went out I found myself just outside the house seated in a chair staring up at them. A beautiful sight they were. Yesterday…

15 December, 2010

Crossing Borders

I don’t think that van would have passed a car inspection back in the states. In fact I know it wouldn’t have. Not with the door constantly flying open during the drive. The seats were unsteady and the glass in the window was cracked. The…

15 November, 2010

Common Ground

There is something extremely unique about children that cannot really be explained. It might be the innocence of their youth, their short attention spans, or how insensitive they can be to even the most serious things that grabs my attention. There is no judgment with…

27 October, 2010


Tonight I have no place to sleep, no house, no home, no bed, no sheets. But this is life for me, so I walk these streets. It’s rough out here but I make it because honestly speaking I don’t have a choice. I could complain…

18 October, 2010

I Wonder…

Even with a set definition the question can still be asked, what does it mean to be content? What does it mean to be satisfied with what you have and the position you play in life? I often find myself brooding over these 
questions and…

07 October, 2010

Being a part of change

For so long, I have envisioned myself traveling somewhere far away. Longing for the chance to escape the walls of my community, the chance to explore life and all it has to offer, but most of all, the chance to explore me. When most people…

23 September, 2010

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Kedisha Samuels