Keaton Scanlon

Keaton is passionate about the outdoors--whether that means camping, scuba diving, or watching a good sunset. She is the editor of her school newspaper, plays soccer, and is a passionate advocate for disability rights after having worked with those with disabilities for most of her teen years. She loves cooking vegetarian food, enjoys music festivals, and has a particular soft spot for the saxophone. Her goal is to learn about the non-profit sector in third-world countries, as well as to discover as much about herself as the world around her.


Walking and Watering

I can happily say that since moving to Thiabekaare, I have gotten to work more with the land than I ever have in my life before. Once the harvest season ended, around November, and all of the corn, peanuts and cotton fields were picked dry,…

27 March, 2014

A Day at the Killay

As harvest season in my village here draws to a close, I have been spending much of my time out in the fields. The exact amount of corn I have shucked, cotton I have picked and peanuts I have pulled have been lost weeks ago, forgotten by all…

11 January, 2014

To the Beat of the Drum

After the long and sweaty bus journey from Dakar, I walked through a seemingly endless maze of corn-fields and got my first glimpse of my new host-stay village of Thabekare. With my backpack bumping me as I walked, I passed hut after hut before coming to my family’s…

10 October, 2013

Seas of Change

While this summer has been a beautiful one for me, it has also been a time in my life in which I felt like I was constantly behind. I was behind in my summer work, behind in my language-learning, fundraising and my blog, behind in…

26 August, 2013

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Keaton Scanlon