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Kayla Sherald

Kayla is passionate about conquering life's complexity . She is involved in literature through which she expresses her mind's myriad of thought. She has reached a fore in exploring Psychology for it is a twisted beauty in itself and she is ready to heed the entanglement. Kayla's goals for the year are developing the ability to embrace the chaos, "finding herself", and understanding the melancholy beauty of life's brevity. Her past-self's hope for today inspires her.


31,557,600 Seconds & Counting

May 21, 2017

            On this very day last year. I never truly understood why people would say such things. Sure, it was this day last year but in its spontaneity; it wasn’t. 365 (366(?)) days ago a baby could have been born, a disaster could have occurred, a person may have been lost. And sure, though the same...

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Hidden in Plain Sight

October 25, 2016

With a mild 2 months and 17 days having come and gone from the moments that I’d taken some serious time and effort to construct and thoroughly think about the 8 months I would eventually be finding myself embarking upon; on this 25th of October, I find myself once again alarmed at how much has...

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August 8, 2016

With a loud BANG I momentarily left my petrified Shih Tzu who I’d recently assumed had a phobia of loud noises to the point where she’d run down the steps to our front door.   I quickly ran, like an overly hyper child and entered my balcony upon which I was immediately greeted by the colorful burst of another firecracker...

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