Kaya Van Dyke

Kaya is passionate about language, travel and nature. She is involved in expression through dance, promotion of social justice and equality, and community leadership. Her goals for the year are to become proficient in Portuguese, to expand her outlook on the world, to meet new people and to make new connections.


Coming Home

Coming home has always been one of my favorite feelings. I love the mountains I grew up in, I love the people that love me here, and I love the way everything goes the way I expect it to. Coming home from Brazil felt no different. I was greeted by people I loved, places I’d…

07 June, 2018

My year in seconds

For my capstone project, I compiled one second videos that I took almost everyday of my time in Brazil. Here’s the finished little window into my last 9 months [vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/KxuzuiXIdYA’]  

07 June, 2018

So Much To Say

As I began writing this blog, I found myself blaming my lack of presence on varies technological difficulties I’ve been having (which is true). However, as I was typing this, I realized that that isn’t the full truth. Each time I sit down to write a blog post, I find myself giving up because I…

19 February, 2018

2 month mark

Oi gente! I left home two months ago today! These last eight weeks are a blur in my mind, and I’ve found it hard to write a blog post that truly puts it into words. There is so much that is different, and so much that is the same. I miss home and people I…

26 October, 2017

Heart Full, Brain Fried

    Brazil is Bright. There are colors, smells, food and flowers everywhere I look. My fingers are constantly sticky with the juice of fruit, and I seem to not be able to fully wash the sand out of my hair. Brazil drips with culture. There is dancing, yelling, cooking and moving down every street….

22 September, 2017

Learning to Disconnect

I am learning to balance connection and disconnection. In the last week here at Stanford, I have heard hundreds of names and become familiar with dozens of faces. I have been met with people who are passionate, enthusiastic and inspired by the same things that I am. Simultaneous to all of this new connection, I’ve…

05 September, 2017

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Kaya Van Dyke