Katie Mastriano

Inspired and empowered by the strength in nature, Katie advocates for ecological sustainability. She hopes to build on her knowledge of languages, and is thrilled for the next year in Senegal because “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”* Katie finds it exciting to think about entering a new and different world, knowing that somehow she’ll find her way through it, meeting wonderful people who observe beyond the grandiosity of a materialistic society. Her goals for this year are improving on French and learning Wolof, affecting someone’s life in a positive way, working with the environment, acquiring valuable life skills, feeding her curiosity, and celebrating beautiful work being done humbly - unaware, unpretentious, magnificent...like trees. *A. Dumbledore


Walking to School

Walking to School The Sun! – Super bright always hot The “young” mosque  – Lots of men and boys gather here on Fridays  – Call to prayer The children – The “bonjours” and the “Toubabs”  My construction guy friend!          – Blind in one eye         – Calls me…

24 February, 2020

The Chickens

The Chickens The walls in the house are yellow more similar to the color of sand on the beach of Ocean City rather than the sand along the roads in Tivaouane. Noise was normal for a weekday night: the fighting and laughing of my siblings, the television blasting telenovelas, the buzzing of mosquitoes, the singing…

11 January, 2020

Little Moments

Little Moments After two and half months and a tough beginning, I feel at home with my family of seven in Tivaouane, Senegal. I embrace the name given to me, Ramatoulaye, which means God’s Mercy. I am an only child in the States so five siblings has taken some time to get used to. Well,…

22 November, 2019

Where We Grow

I learned about my host family on my 19th birthday. Throughout the day, a friend and I would occasionally refresh my email. Right before my friend lit the candle on the cake they made, I refreshed the page one last time. We screamed with excitement. A true birthday gift. A little over a week later,…

31 August, 2019

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Katie Mastriano