Karina Lisboa Basund

Karina is passionate about promoting sustainable economic development and believes that learning and understanding the world's diversity of thought, culture, belief and expression is fundamental in creating a better future. She recognized and got the opportunity to explore her passion during her time at United World College of the Adriatic where she was involved in projects stimulating interaction between diverse cultures, debates regarding political and environmental issues, and physically challenging team-building activities. Her goal for the year is to better understand the real-life situation in a developing country by integrating herself in another culture and allowing this experience to become part of her so that she will be better equipped at tackling the world's challenges. What inspires her to take action is conscious observation.


Last words

I was writing my final blogpost about how I'm feeling now, having left Senegal and being back home. And though this blogpost is my last, I'm making it short, for I've understood and accepted that there's no real answer to what being "done" with this experience feels like. All I can say is that, like anything…

02 June, 2017


While teaching at Lycée de Sandiara, I observed a lack of engagement and concentration among my students. After having listened to their thoughts regarding my observations, it came to my attention that the majority of the students at Lycée de Sandiara live in villages surrounding Sandiara and have to walk several kilometres to get to…

28 May, 2017

To feel or not to feel – normalizing discomfort

*This blogpost is based on the speak-up I did during re-entry training. Before I went to Senegal, I was prepared to embrace the culture and keep an open mind. I didn’t intend to judge nor criticize that which I didn’t know yet. So I arrived in Senegal all excited and ready to experience 'something new'….

22 May, 2017


6th of September 2016                     We’re in Dakar having Wolof lessons. It’s nice temperature today. It’s been too hot lately. Yesterday I had a headache. And I itch quite a lot sometimes. But that’s not of my concern. There is something else bothering me, but I can’t…

30 April, 2017


 1. The perspective of the sky Being on this side of the hemisphere, not only is the climate and culture different, but also the view of the sky. The sun is bigger, the half-moon shapes a parabola opening upwards. I'll miss those silent moments sitting on the rooftop gazing at the billions of stars and the…

29 April, 2017

For words only go so far

I’ve written countless blog entries, yet I’ve posted none, and there’s a simple reason why.  I can’t do just to my experiences by the use of words only, or any other form of media.  I can tell you a story from my life, but in the end, it will only be a story based on…

05 February, 2017

An answer to “why?”

I believe I have only shared my reasons for taking a Global Citizen Year in Senegal with a few people. The easy answer is: I don’t know what I want to do in life. The more truthful answer is: I know what I don’t want to do in life – and this bridge year is a way of making…

01 September, 2016

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Karina Lisboa Basund