Kari Hoegh

Kari is passionate about exploring the world. She is involved in charity work, helping others, saving the environment. This year she hopes to change others' lives and learn Spanish fluently!   What inspires you? The strength of those around me.


Being Back

Its been almost two months since i left Peguche in Ecuador. And still i feel that being home is surreal. My surroundings are comfortable, my friends and familiy welcoming, and it is becoming easier and easier to forget and let Ecuador go. And a part of me wants to forget, knows that that is easier,…

01 June, 2017


  Privilege. The fact that I don’t have to think about getting a good education, i just do. Privilege. The fact that this was all temporary, that I get to leave. Privilege. I am going home to universal health care and a strong economy and stable political system. Privilege. I get to leave Machismo behind….

04 April, 2017

First and Last

Today was my full final day here. As I was going through the day I found myself reflecting on my first day here. How scared I was, how nervous, how unknowing. As i was collected by my host dad and host sister, i hugged them nervously, not a custom in indigenous culture. The minute we…

04 April, 2017

Safe Haven

  04.02.17   There is this place in Otovalo, where I spend a lot of time. It is a safe haven, dependible, consistent, clean. A welcome escape from the clusterfuck that is the rest of indigenous Ecuador, with rabies touched dogs, screaming bus dirvers and hustling vendors.    Directly in front of this safe haven…

08 March, 2017


01.10.17 To be humble: A hugely forgotten act in our fast paced egocentric world. In fact we are pushed away from the idea, made to discern it. Humility is questioned and ridiculed, cast aside in the world of pride.   To be humble can be seen as an act of vulnerability, laying down your sword…

08 March, 2017


19.08.16 The other day my host dad called out to me that the town had caught a robber. He seemed very excited and asked if i wanted to go see him. Surprised, unsure of what he meant, i said yes of course, i mean new exeriences, right? As we got closer to where the robber…

08 March, 2017

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Kari Hoegh