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Kali Regenvanu

Kali is passionate about public health, social justice and adventure. She is interested in change making to strive for equality for all, and sustainability, namely a new and improved way forward for this planet. Her goals for the year are to engage in a new community, learn new things about herself and the people and place surrounding her, as well as embark on a couple amazing adventures while being there. She is looking forward to seeing a more personal point of view of Senegal. Her inspiration in life are all those that choose to help others and oppose the unjust, regardless of the consequences. They are truly the way forward.


Romanticization of the ‘West’

February 5, 2020

Living in Senegal, it’s impossible to avoid the endless references to the so called ‘west’. Actually, scratch that. It’s impossible to live anywhere without constant reference to North America and specifically the United States. Living in Thies Noon with my host family has exposed me to an innumerable number of conversations about the greatness of...

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Fashion in Senegal

January 9, 2020

Hello hello hello dear friends!  It has been four months since I arrived here in Thies, Senegal and I have to say one of the things I have loved and admired the most since being here (apart from my amazing host family and friends here) is the fashion.  Creativity is abundant here in Thies, and...

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Skin Bleaching – My Thoughts

December 24, 2019

Skin Bleaching – My Thoughts  I wanted to use this blog platform as a way to communicate what I have been observing here in Senegal. The good, the bad and the grey areas. It has been amazing being here, and even more valuable being immersed rather than living in a bubble, per say. In a...

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What I’ve learnt by learning a language from zero

November 17, 2019

—> What I’ve learnt by learning a language from zero  Before coming to Senegal I may have done one or two google searches – brief and forgotten minutes later – on common wolof sentences. As I said, in hindsight, I now see these searches were more so I didn’t feel like I was falling behind...

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How to bucket shower like a pro

October 31, 2019

Hi again friends! Welcome to another blog post by yours truly. This one is less of a reflection and more educational in nature (or maybe it’s just me showing off my new skills). I’m pretty proud of them.  I was scared before coming, scared of water not shooting out of a shower head. Pouring the...

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A Day in the Life of Oumy Sarr

October 28, 2019

(Photo taken by my three year old host niece. Excuse the blurriness. She’s just starting to master her photography skills.) I have been here a month. I can’t believe it has been an entire, full month. Some days time flies past me, racing at shocking speeds before my eyes and dragging me along with it....

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Fwd: The Start of my Adventure – an Appreciation

October 28, 2019

Get Outlook for iOS From: Kali Regenvanu Sent: Monday, October 7, 2019 9:30:32 AM To: <; Subject: The Start of my Adventure – an Appreciation   What is Senegal like? Every family member and friend has been asking me the same question over and over for the past two weeks.  The real question is...

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