Kali Nelson

Kali is passionate about teaching people about the environment. She is involved in teaching people about environmental problems, working with people, and just being outside. Her goals for the year include becoming a true member of the community she is placed in, teaching people in her community about environmental issues, and having an amazing time with her host family and other fellows. One of her favorite quotes is, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” --Mahatma Gandhi. It inspires her to always keep her mind open to new ideas, live in the present, and to appreciate what she is doing.


Mi Familia

I have four moms…yes, you read correctly. Four. Cuatro. 4. Believe me, I know how it sounds. I also know some kids that would absolutely shudder at the thought of having more than 1, to them, even one is too much to handle. To be quite frank I feel completely fortunate to have all four,…

23 February, 2015

Never Make Friends with the Pigs: 21 Things I’ve Learned from Living in Ecuador

It is the slowest pace of life, EVER…”Ecuatime” is real, people! Life has never been more intriguing. A different way to love. The completely selfless love that my host family, and English students, and everyone has. The love that cannot be put into words but only felt, the love that warms rooms (which is more…

21 November, 2014

Starting the Journey

I have always known adventure, and have always gone out looking for it. The need to explore and see things for myself is one of the strongest forces guiding my way. I always loved getting outside and climbing a tree just to see the rest of the world around me. My junior year of high…

30 July, 2014

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Kali Nelson