Kai Milici

Kai is passionate about traveling, journalism, education reform, social justice and Native Peoples' rights. In high school Kai was involved in soccer and track and field, was editor of her school's newspaper, and studied international relations at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C for a semester. Her goals for the year are to become fluent in Spanish, gain a better understanding of herself and her values, explore her interests in education and entrepreneurship, and learn about Kichwa history and their current state. Her favorite quote is a reminder to "Be who you needed when you were younger."


March 27, 2017: A Look into the Centro Inicial

On my first day working at the Centro Inicial in Imbaya back in September, I was miserable. I had decided that I hated working with little kids and I knew very little Spanish. I didn’t know anyone in the town and they didn’t know me, and I didn’t feel like I would be able to…

03 May, 2017

An Interview with My High School

My high school newspaper interviewed me for an article they are doing on gap years. Thinking about the questions allowed me to look back on why I decided to do this year and to see how my mindset has changed as the months have passed. I think these answers give a pretty comprehensive view of…

16 February, 2017

The Price to Pay for Ambition

Let me paint a picture of “family” in my 1200-person town of Imbaya. My mom Mayrita, dad Segundo, brother Paul, and sister Mishell live with me in the center of town. Right next door is my abuelita Blancita who runs a tienda and a merienda restaurant outside of her kitchen every day. Upstairs is her…

01 February, 2017

Reflections on My Country’s Worst Nightmare

Full disclosure: I went to bed an hour before the results were official. The prospects looked bad and I thought that if–on the off-chance that the polls would change–I would be able to wake up to a pleasant surprise.   As I was going to bed I remembered eight years ago staying up until 1:00…

10 November, 2016

What the Future Holds and Spanish Struggles

Today–after weeks of speculating, and begging team leaders to give me hints about where I will be spending the next seven months–I received my placement information! The descriptions of where I will be living, who I’ll be living with, and what I’ll be doing fit onto a small piece of paper, but I haven’t been…

09 September, 2016

The Right Choice (?)

Two nights before I left Seattle for Pre-Departure training I was lying in bed. My thoughts weren’t of excitement or anticipation at all—I was brainstorming ways to get out of doing the bridge year I had so eagerly signed up for eight months prior. I was warm in my blanket and outside of my window…

26 August, 2016

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Kai Milici