Justin Moore

Justin is a talented violin player, an avid bicyclist, and all-star skateboarder. His inspiration to become a GCY Fellow came from his summer in Bolivia after his junior year where he trekked the Andes and spent time in a remote farming village. Justin spent this past summer interning with a non-profit called Communities in Schools that is focused on reducing drop-out rates in schools across the country.



My Wolof instructor, Pierre, taught me about core African values, one being Fulla. Pierre illustrates Fulla as, “being able to look at someone seriously and say, ‘I don’t like that, don’t do that again’, make sure he or she hears you and then go on…

20 April, 2011


Ever since the day I wrestled with random Senegalese people on a beach in Dakar during orientation, I knew I wanted to learn how to Senegalese Wrestle – Lutte in french, Lamb in Wolof. I had seen my supervisor’s brother, Pascal Ndiaye, walking down the…

26 February, 2011


I think it’s a tabooed subject that plays too big of a role in society to be ignored. It doesn’t strike up the same awkwardness in the village in America. In Senegal, people have more kids than in the States and the quality of health…

24 February, 2011


I think it is important to build some sort of foundation for my blog followers before posting blogs about random stories, occurrences and situations that I experience. So. This blog is a comprehensive overview of my life in Joal, touching on several of the most…

25 January, 2011

Compost and Redemption

When I learned that I was going to be working with an organization called Dynamiques Femmes (Dynamic Women) with a city wide effort to promote composting and recycling (I thought) only amongst women, I had two thoughts: My first: “YOU MEAN I WON’T BE WORKING…

27 October, 2010

Hello, I’m Justin Moore

Hey Ya’ll, my name is Justin Moore and I am from Austin, Texas. I grew up in Dallas but moved when I was sixteen and started going to the Khabele School, a small, progressive school that values learning in its purest state and  not necessarily…

23 September, 2010

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Justin Moore