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Josh Hamilton

During his four years at Far West High School, Josh fostered his passions for acting, drawing, biking, and running. Last year, he was awarded the lead role in a one-act play at the Berkeley Repertory School of Theater.


My Voice

May 3, 2011

“Silence is freedom’s greatest enemy” so today I stand up for freedom and let my voice be heard despite certain fears inside of judgment or misinterpretation/misunderstanding of what falls from my lips. I am just simply speaking out because my voice counts. Here in Senegal there are certain restrictions on who decides what and assigned...

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Fresh Prince of Pointe Serene

May 2, 2011

Aujourd’hui, je dois dire suma dek bi dafa rafete. (Today I must say that where I live is beautiful!) The day I arrived at my home stay in Point Serene it was not quite, alright not at all what I expected or anticipated: Pointe Serene can be characterized by long walks on the beach enjoying...

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The Donkey Hunt

April 26, 2011

On a relatively warm Sunday morning which is usually the day for rest here in Senegal, I was unpleasantly awaken by my host brother Fran├žois; who asked me to accompany him in a search for the family donkey. At first I thought of it as a part of the humorous Senegalese culture, but shortly after...

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January 26, 2011

My name is Joshua L. Hamilton and today I have the confidence to say that the sky is the limit for me. My life has been full of circumstances that may have put me at a disadvantage, but never disabled my will to succeed. Since I was three years old, I was raised by my...

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